Regulating Succession

Succession planning for company management is one of the biggest challenges for family companies. Whether it is a matter of handing over to family members or selling to external successors, or whether taking over the management and/or company shares is intended, handing over the reins should be planned well in advance and made to be tax-efficient. This process demands a great deal of sensitivity and experience from us as tax and legal advisors in dealing with everyone’s interests. We will immerse ourselves in your plans, develop with you options for action and recommend the ideal solutions.

Our services:

  • Anticipated succession in the testator’s lifetime
  • Succession settled by a will
  • Sale to third parties during the testator’s lifetime
  • Management buy-out
  • Company valuations
  • Designing purchase price financing
  • Securing the testator’s pension
  • Exploiting tax advantages
  • Avoiding paying inheritance and income tax
  • Clarifying issues relating to company law
  • Other tax support for the acquiring entrepreneur once the company has been transferred


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Legal Advice
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