Ship Valuation

New Forecast Model from HANSA PARTNER for Objective Ship Valuations

Ship valuations in balance sheets are not only scrutinised as part of share deals and/or restructuring, but also in the annual accounts. There are, however, few objective, transparent forecast models available. Banks will recommend the standard Discounted Cash Flow (“DCF”) valuation method as opposed to the market price method; the problem is the DCF approach leads to inflated valuations and using the market price results in devaluations. What is lacking is a forecast modelusing market data, which results in a fair, transparent and low-cost ship valuation. At HANSA PARTNER we have taken on this task and, developed our own transparent and reliable forecast model for charter rates. Our model, based on a professional statistics model using objective market data collected over the last 18 years, will be made available to you.

Facts about our forecast model:

  • Cooperation partner: University of Warwick, Coventry, UK
  • Drawing up the statistical model: Nobel Prize winner Clive Granger
  • Program platform: professional statistics software STATA
  • Source for the shipping data and forecasts: Clarkson and RS Platou
  • Source of the data for the economy as a whole: IMF
  • Data evaluation period: 18 years

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Further information can be found in our flyer "HP Valuation System for ship Valuation" with the updated forecast model from October 2017. We are happy to send you the flyer - just write an e-mail to Robin Arp.



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